About Us

About Us

Arvada West High School is a Northern Jefferson County Public School. We are a very diverse community of students coming from low average to high income households. We are nestled in between Denver and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, intricately intertwining modern urbanism with rural farmlands.

There are multiple fundraising opportunities at Arvada West High School including PTSA, Booster’s Club, the Alumni Foundation and the Arvada West High School Foundation. What makes us different from the other groups? With the Friends of the Wildcats Foundation, we are looking to constructively add to their endless fundraising efforts with different events and new goals.

Our Mission

1 – To sustain and support the overall improvements of the Wildcat athletic program at Arvada West High School by making capital improvements to the athletic campus.
2 – Provide opportunities for individual sports teams to receive additional funding towards their pre-existing fundraising efforts to purchase necessary items to enhance the operation and performance of their respective teams.
We believe that healthy bodies create healthy minds and success on the field or in the gym brings success in the classrooms.
Our board consists of active parents representing a variety of sports who all have intense interest and dedication to the athletic department.

Barb McEahern – President

Leslie Crosby – Vice President

Michelle Schiffbauer – Treasurer

Jennifer Nuhfer – Secretary

Jennifer Nuhfer

Casey Coons – Athletic Director

Casey Coons

Terri Kilgroe 
Lisa Eafanti 
Alison German